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"I first met Susan when she was speaking at a cancer retreat about 8 years ago. I know her as an excellent coach and speaker

and someone who is compassionate, empathetic, and knows how to listen. Through the years, Susan has helped run many retreats that I have attended where she has coached individuals, as well as myself, and worked with the group on dealing with their breast cancer, as well

as their survival. If you’re looking for an excellent cancer coach, I highly recommend Susan."



"Your commitment to helping children and adults battling cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening illnesses is not only inspiring but literally lifesaving."

Michael Friedman

President and CEO of City of Hope

"Thank you for helping us in our mission— to extend and enhance the lives of every uninsured, underserved woman living within our country— empowering them

to take responsibility for their health needs and ultimately eliminating breast cancer as an all--too--common killer of the underserved."

Maria Clark

President of Clark Family Breast Cancer Services, Inc.

"I really appreciated the time you spent with me last week. It’s great to know that have support in places that you didn’t expect and I’m happy to know you at a time when I would need you the most for reasons that may never be known. We are all hanging in there and I will let my sister know that you’re there for us in all ways."



"Susan and I went through the coaching certification process together. I spent several weekends in training with Susan and we worked together on many assignments. Not only does Susan have great coaching skills, but she brings her sense of humor into the coaching arena which makes the sessions much more comfortable for the client, yet still so powerful! Susan is an excellent Coach and I highly recommend her and her company!"

"Susan is an excellent coach who cuts to the heart of the issues! She is also an inspiring social entrepreneur who has translated her experience of breast cancer into a company that supports patients."

Judi Rhee Alloway


Anthony Fasano


"Susan McHugh is a courageous and intelligent woman, who has a unique quality of connecting with people on many levels. Susan is sharp and she is an excellent business woman. Her ability to be a sounding board and to share life experience enables her to exceed her Life Coach client's expectations. She has taken adversity and turned it around to create a company with the goal of providing comfort to others who are diagnosed. In many senses, Susan is a true survivor and she adds enormous value to the people whose lives she touches."

"Susan is an independent, dynamic thinker with excellent organization skills as is evident by her years in sales and with the new start up business she has successfully launched. Her supportive life long dedication to her family and friends is a testament to her 'go get'em' drive and wonderful troubleshooting skills."

Lucy McHugh

Senior Contracts Manager & Intellectual Property Specialist

Jody Raines

Cyber Security Compliance and Oversight Manager at NJ Bd of Public Utilities

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