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I am a 2 time cancer survivor who, after treatment, received certifications as a Life Coach, a Cancer Coach and a Cancer Educator. As a lifelong learner, I am currently completing my Holistic Cancer Coach Certification.

My mission is to help my clients survive and continue to thrive!

I work with cancer patients and their families who struggle with the cancer diagnosis and everything that comes with it and who would like to navigate and get through the cancer maze with ease, grace and support so they can survive the journey and thrive after treatment.  

What differentiates me from other cancer coaches is that I have had the cancer diagnosis twice myself and am now thriving.  That makes my clients feel secure, loved, comfortable and supported.



I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in 1982, at the age of 35, and had a hysterectomy and I was again diagnosed in 2005 with breast cancer.


Beyond that, I am a mother, a grandmother, and a wife. I had just started my first ‘real’ sales position in December 1982. I had had a pap smear the prior week and was called back for further testing -- the day I started training. I was very lucky to have a female boss who went with me to the doctor, where I was told I had Cervical Cancer.  That was on December 22, 1982, and I had surgery in January 1983. I realized how lucky I was to work for such a wonderful company. Because of my cancer, I had a hysterectomy in March 1983 and went on to become a Regional Sales Manager in 1984.


A lot happened between 1984 and 1997 when my mother was diagnosed with Mesothelioma and she passed away in 1997. I moved my father from NY to NJ to live with my husband and me. I took care of him for the next 5 years until he passed away.


In 2005 I went for my annual mammogram and was called back for an ultrasound. At the time I was taking a good friend with Stage 4 Breast Cancer to chemotherapy--I dropped her off and went for my ultrasound. I was told to wait, and I waited, and waited, and cried because I had a feeling it was not good or I wouldn’t have had to wait for so long. Finally, I was put in a room, the radiologist came in and this is what he said:


“It looks like you have an architectural distortion and  you 

 should see a breast surgeon as soon as possible”.


My Advice:  Do not have a mammogram on a Friday!


A funny thing happened on way to Chemotherapy--I met my BFF and when we finished our treatment (my treatment: Cytoxan, Adriamycin, Taxol, Herceptin, and 38 radiation treatments) we started a company - Pink Ribbon Associates - an online gift company offering a unique array of “comfort” items before, during and after treatment, as well as “special” gifts for the family and caregivers.  We donated a percentage of our gross sales to various cancer research organizations, including but not limited to LBBC, BC.Org., ACS, City of Hope.

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